Distance Sessions

Distance healing means you can learn about your body’s energy systems, what systems are asking for attention, and what ones are thriving for you – all from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a phone, Skype or FaceTime account, or access to Zoom. Unlike an in-person energy session which is generally an hour and a half in length, when the physical body is removed and only energy is being worked with, an hour is plenty! Energy is powerful and although an individual energy session in person is fabulous because of the body work, the physical body is selfish and when it’s removed from the equation, profound energy healing is possible from anywhere.

Sessions are relaxing, restoring, and life changing. Clients schedule sessions to help them find relief from chronic pain, skin irritations, stress relief, and many other ailments they no longer wish to experience. It is important to remember, sessions do not heal illness, but they do remind your body how to align its energy systems. When the energy systems are aligned, often the physical ailment we no longer want to experience disappears as well. Energy is very much like our breathing process. We do not only inhale, we must exhale. In today’s busy world, our body often gets focused on bringing energy in but not allowing stagnant energy to leave. If you do not feel your best, you do not need to be “fixed”. Rather, your body is giving you a signal that some energy is ready to exhale. Your distance sessions will help you learn how to energetically exhale and release what is no longer serving you.

One hour distance session investment is $100 individually or invest in the summer special pack of 7 one hour distance sessions for $500*!

What has been said about distance sessions with Dr. Mellor: 

“I was skeptical after so many in-person sessions, how could it work from so far away after I moved? Well, I don’t know how you do it but these distance sessions are EVEN MORE POWERFUL than what I experienced in person, thank you Dr. Mellor!” – EV, client since 2016 

“No matter what is happening and how far away I am, I can ask you and learn exactly what my energy is asking for. I love learning how to read my own messages, thank you!” – BA, client since 2016 

“The homework activities have helped me overcome so much more than any other therapy has, energy is fascinating and being able to learn about it from my own home makes it so much easier to make it a priority in my life” – RC, client since 2017

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*All payments accepted, 5% added for credit card fee, no fee for check or cash