Energy Medicine for Everything

Everything is energy and nearly every activity in your life can be enhanced when you understand the principles of energy medicine and how they apply to your body.

If you’re an educator, therapist, health care practitioner or other professional, Dr. Mellor’s energy medicine training is for you.  

Your team will learn the basics of the body’s energy systems. This knowledge will boost the effectiveness of current educational, therapeutic, and medical modalities to improve student, client, and/or patient progress toward treatment goals.

Educators, therapists, and health care professionals have a myriad of techniques to choose from and students and clients will experience unique responses to each technique. This training provides a unique framework for understanding the differences in each person we serve and how to see shifts with even the most challenging cases. Energy medicine is an excellent pathway to achieving growth mindset – the key to internal motivation, self-efficacy, and personal success.

Attendees will learn how to energy test a client or student’s optimal treatment or lesson plan, why they are not receptive, or why their progress has stopped. Further, learning how your energies relate to your ability to help those you serve is crucial. We can’t pour from an empty cup – professionals in service industry positions can better serve when they are aligned. Thus, Dr. Mellor designed her training in two parts. The three hour morning session addresses your personal understanding of your energy systems. The three hour afternoon session focuses on applying that knowledge to clients and mapping ‘energy semantics’ to your educational, therapeutic, or health care program.

Holistic treatment for students and patients cannot be achieved without knowledge of our body’s energy systems.

Dr. Mellor’s training is powerful and sure to captivate attendees for an unforgettable day of in-service training.






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Energy Medicine for Corporate Wellness

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