I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis about two years ago.  The condition was not text book and no medications would eliminate the swelling or pain in my joints.  I tried weekly shots for a year, infusions, yoga, and a lot of other drugs that doctors want to give you that make you feel and look terrible.

In February my immune system was so low due to the chemo drugs, that I fell ill to Pneumonia and was hospitalized for five days.  During those five days, I could not breath and almost died.  It was very scary.  I needed to change what I was doing, the drugs may have been keeping my body mobile, but they were also killing me.

After I was released from the hospital I started speaking with Jessie who I had seen at The Dailey Method, where we do Barre/Yoga classes.  I had heard about Jessie helping other people and needed to know more so I could determine if she could also help me.  My goal was to stop the medicine indefinitely and feel like a normal 39 year old.

During my first visit with Jessie, I could feel the energy moving through my body, especially through my knees, which is where I have always had problems.  I could feel the tension immediately release and I could feel the balance come back into order.  I did not know it then but this was saving my life.

I continue to see Jessie about once a month, sometimes more.  I know I can help my body restore itself by practicing what Jessie teaches and does, but I LOVE going to see Jessie, laying on her table, and having her fix me (even though she says I’m fixing myself).  It is better than any massage I have ever paid for.  It is better than any therapy session I have ever paid for (and I have seen a lot, and have had some good ones).  I continue to progress, learn more things about myself and body, and will choose Jessie’s practice any day over any other conventional method of therapy, or practice.

Now I see Jessie to help me through my divorce. I continue to feel at ease, and so peaceful.  Our bodies are connected; mind, body and spirit.  If you hold onto stress it will hurt your body eventually.  Jessie helps me move through this and I have become so peaceful even during a divorce from an abusive husband, that my conventional therapist has told me I don’t need any more sessions with her, and she is proud of where I have come (I have only seen that therapist twice).

Not only is Jessie an extremely smart, educated PhD, she is an amazing lady, friend, mother, and wife.  She left her job at a college to help others feel their best.  I am so thankful for Jessie and her practice.

Thank you Jessie for helping me cure myself.



In late 2014 I began to feel the weight of too many life stresses piling up on my physical, mental, and emotional, and spiritual well being. I was overwhelmed by how awful I felt and I was desperate to feel better for myself and my family.

I tried some pretty expensive supplements, I did extensive (and costly) talk therapy with a psychologist, and I devoured many self help books promising fresh starts and relief from the many symptoms I was experiencing. Nothing seemed to provide me with any kind of lasting relief. I felt very sad, scared, as hopeless. My dear friend Jessie, whom I have known for more than 13 years, offered to work with me using energy medicine and despite my skepticism I went for it…what did I have to lose?!

After just one session I felt dramatic relief!!! This one powerful session took place over the phone from California to Michigan!! I can only imagine what changes could be possible if I was able to do an energy medicine session in person!!

I encourage anyone who is struggling with obstacles in their mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health to see Jessie at HealingLux and experience her gift first hand and begin YOUR path to well being!!

Thank you Jessie!! You are amazing!! I’m truly grateful for your help and healing support!!!


For over three years I struggled with SEVERE dermatitis. I went through four dermatologists before I gave up on steroid creams, cortisol injections, uv treatments and a barrage of pharmaceutical gimmicks that western medicine threw at me. I spent thousands of dollars on treatments that provided no relief, only side effects.

Turning to eastern medicine, I changed my diet and started a holistic approach to treating my severe dermatitis. But it wasn’t until I was introduced to Energy Medicine that I found true relief. In less than a year Energy Medicine sessions cleared my skin and changed my life forever!!!

Even though my skin has cleared I’m a regular at HealingLux. Energy Medicine sessions keep my energy aligned and prepare me for the daily battles of life.

I highly recommend Jessie to anyone seeking relief!!!

- MM

I couldn’t be more pleased with Jessie’s healing hands. When I met Jessie I was new to energy healing and a bit skeptical. That lasted all of a few minutes. Once she got her hands on me I felt an instant calm and peace overcome my body and mind. She has an incredible soothing hand. She is knowledgeable about her craft and explains what she’s doing during your session which is great for someone like me.

I went to see Dr. Mellor about a nagging soccer injury in my left ankle. I’d tried everything from icing and elevating to wrapping and resting but it wouldn’t fully heal so it was constantly becoming re-injured. To be honest, I wasn’t sure exactly what energy medicine was but I was willing to try anything before surgery. Not only did I walk out of my session without limping, it hasn’t flared up since! To say I am grateful to her practice is an understatement! And on top of that, I left feeling centered and light. I recommend her to everyone I know, she’s the best!

Jessie, I feel SO much better after our distance session! Went outside and felt like I could conquer the world, or at least the garden. Need to get my husband enrolled in “Jessie Sphere”…U R GREAT!

I am very calm and balanced today! Thanks to the wonderful HealingLux Barre Stretch workshop at The Dailey Method, my kids experience a better mom today! I can’t thank Jessie enough.

Ready for more? Align and Shine today!