Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Medicine?
Energy Medicine is the ancient practice of working with the body’s energy systems. It is based on the idea that the body is composed of  energetic components that are self-healing. Energy Medicine can facilitate and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal.
What are the energy systems and what happens if they are blocked?

Depending on what literature you read, you will hear many different energy systems referenced. I work mainly with the meridians (like acupuncture, but I don’t use needles, so acupressure). I also work with chakras (like reiki) and your aura. When those systems are aligned, I work with other deeper energy systems called radiant circuits and electrics. When your energy is blocked, you can experience pain and fatigue. When your energy is aligned, you feel better and can boost your overall health and well being.

What conditions are treatable by Energy Medicine?

When your energy systems are aligned, you shine. Energy Medicine does not cure disease. However, clients who have experienced energetic alignment have noticed symptoms such as chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, and much more disappear. Clients have also strengthened their immunity and decreased stress. Energy Medicine works for ailments on both the physical and emotional level in your life.

What is the treatment like? Is it painful?

Clients remain fully clothed at all times. Some of my clients prefer to converse during appointments and ask about the sensations they feel and want to know more about what is happening energetically. Others become so relaxed, they fall asleep. All clients remark about the relaxed state they feel when the session ends. Each session is different, your energies will ask for what is in your highest good on that day – no two sessions will ever be alike. Once you begin your energy journey, it really never ends – it only gets stronger and more magical.

How long do treatments take?

The optimal time frame for an individual energy medicine session is 90 minutes. However, distance sessions prefer 60 minutes. When the physical body is present, it can take longer for the energy to receive what it asked for but when the physical body is removed in a distance session, the energy receives it all and adjusts much quicker!

Can Energy Medicine help relieve pain?

Pain is your body’s indication there is a problem. Energy Medicine sees pain as “blocked energy”. When the energy is free to move as it needs to, the pain associated with the blocked energy disappears. You just need to know what buttons your body wants pushed to open the pathway out – energetically exahling is the key to vitality.

Can Energy Medicine help my stress levels?

Modern civilization breeds stress. Our brain was not hard wired to handle traffic, pollution, loud noises, and other stressors common in urban life. The simple task of slamming on your brakes in traffic can send your fight/flight system into hyperdrive. Our brain still processes these “threats” the same as it processed a lion chasing us thousands of years ago. Living in the San Diego area (or any other city), we do not need to worry about those primal instincts but our brain still categorizes minor stressors as major life threatening events. When we align the energy systems that are related to heightened stress, instant calming relief can be achieved. Thanks to our understanding of epigenetics, you can rewire your brain’s stress response to work for you among the chaos. See you soon!

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