Personalized Nutrition Plans

Personalized Nutrition Plans are an incredible way to optimize your health. The process takes approximately an an hour and a half to two hours to answer the questions and enter your data. You must know your blood type at the time of your session. Your blood type and rh factor as well as other genetic markers body measurements are entered into an advanced statistical package that performs over 12 million calculations to provide you with your personal nutrition plan SWAMI Geno-type results. Everything is based on Dr. D’Adamo’s Eat Right For Your Type Blood Type Diet. However, instead of following the general protocols found in his book, you receive precise calculations of your geno-type and how that impacts your gut bacteria and ability to metabolize certain foods.

You will immediately receive an electronic, 50+ page detailed analysis of your geno-type results designed to boost your overall health and well-being. The analysis is easy to read and clearly outlines what foods your body prefers to metabolize. Food options are categorized in three ways. Foods listed as “green” are your superfoods. Foods listed as “yellow” are neutral for your body. Foods listed as “red” are best avoided. You will also receive recipes, easy shopping lists, and a mobile friendly link so your superfood reference guide is easily accessible everywhere you go. When you only eat the foods in the green column for 2 months, you will reset your body’s homeostasis and reset your metabolism. The plan can change your life!

Think about how much you may have spent on diets that have failed you. Say goodbye to fad diets and hello to the best nutrition investment for your health. Personalized Nutrition sessions are $300. Check out the specials page for great deals!

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