energyFLEX is a way to apply why Donna Eden’s daily energy medicine routine is so beneficial to our physical and energetic body. That enhanced understanding allows for a deeper mind/body connection which will help you decrease stress, boost  immunity, increase flexibility, and help align your energy systems with a simple series of movements designed for everybody! If you have an injury and want help with rehabilitation or are interested in preventing injury, want to begin adding movement to your life and don’t know where, or you’re an elite athlete, energyFLEX has something to offer. Why? Everything is energy thus, energy medicine enhances everything! energyFLEX is a way to remember what Donna’s daily routine does for you and why it’s essential to regularly incorporate variations of her routine to your daily life:

FFlexibility Improvement

Using a combination of techniques to activate specific acupoints and yoga poses, you will be able to release built up energy. The release will allow you to deepen your stretching and improve your flexibility over time. Deeper understanding of this knowledge can be found with Energy Medicine Yoga.

LLowered Stress

The breathing and neurolymphatic points used while stretching can help you relax, lower stress, and feel centered and grounded.

EEnhanced Immunity

You will learn how to boost your immune system using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) points on the body found to help boost t-cell production.

XCrossing Over

In our environment, structures are stronger when they have crossed support (think bridges and trusses). As you look, you will find X patterns are everywhere because they are a symbol of strength. Our body is a series of crossing over patterns from our eye sight processing to our motor control, one side of our body activates the other.  Crossing the mid line is just one important aspect of neurological functioning. We also need to ensure access to our frontal lobe. Why is the Wayne Cook so powerful for neurological functioning and cognitive reprogramming? Listen to more here.


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