Individual Energy Medicine Services

Individual Energy Medicine Sessions are generally an hour and a half in length. Each session will be unique depending on what the individual’s energy systems need. Your body has ways of communicating where energy is blocked and how that energy can be released and with the use of kinesiology muscle testing, your body will communicate those needs to your practitioner. Then various energy medicine protocols such as acupressure are implemented to help align the energy systems. You remain fully clothed, except for shoes, glasses, and bulky jewelry or accessories.

Clients have very profound experiences in their sessions. Sessions are relaxing, restoring, and life changing. Clients schedule sessions to help them find relief from chronic pain, skin irritations, stress relief, and many other ailments they no longer wish to experience. It is important to remember, sessions do not heal illness, but they do remind your body how to align its energy systems. When the energy systems are aligned, often the physical ailment we no longer want to experience disappears as well. Energy is very much like our breathing process. We do not only inhale, we must exhale. In today’s busy world, our body often gets focused on bringing energy in but not allowing stagnant energy to leave. If you do not feel your best, you do not need to be “fixed”. Rather, your body is giving you a signal that some energy is ready to exhale. Your energy sessions will help you learn how to energetically exhale and release what is no longer serving you.

If you are interested in experiencing energetic alignment, schedule your align and shine experience below. Hour and a half sessions are regularly $150. Check out the specials page for discounts!

Do you have more questions? Please visit my FAQs page where I answer frequently asked questions about Energy Medicine. You can also email or call. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Want to know how other clients feel about their sessions, visit their testimonials.


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