Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

The medical and psychological fields have moved away from a Descartes view of health and mind/body dualism and understand that our mind and body are connected. This understanding has helped us implement holistic health care options for people in need, or the idea of treating the whole body. Our human body is comprised of our biology, psychology, sociology. Most psychology textbooks refer to this as the BPS model. However, to truly treat the whole body, this model overlooks a very crucial piece: our energy systems.

Energy medicine is the study of the body’s energy systems. Ancient civilizations used the body’s energy systems to help people overcome daily troubles. Contemporary society has only recently re-introduced these concepts as integrative medicine has become more popular. Different cultures have their own terms that fall under the umbrella term of ‘energy medicine’. For example, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the healing power of qi (chi), focusing on the meridians and the Five Elements. Reiki techniques are from Japan, Ayurveda techniques are from India and chakra work has been studied in India as well as ancient Celtic civilizations. These are only a few of the examples that can be considered “Energy Medicine”. The reality is, everything is energy.

Just as your body’s biology has systems (cardiovascular, limbic, reproductive, etc.), you also have energy systems (meridians, chakras, aura, etc.). Individual energy medicine sessions, distance healing sessions, and energyFLEX are all designed to help align the body’s energy systems. The body is a complex puzzle and when all the pieces are aligned, illness and pain can disappear. Everyone’s energy medicine journey is unique, just as we are all unique. Call or text Dr. Jessie Mellor at              (520) 603 – 8823 to discuss which energy medicine service your energies are asking to receive.

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