Most kale cubes involve washing and prepping your kale, mixing it with water, pouring it into your ice cube tray and letting it freeze. Easy and awesome….the problem for my body is that my gut prefers to eat cooked greens not a mass quantity of raw ones. I am not alone in this – kidney stones can be related to oxalates.

I have never experienced kidney stones and I don’t want to – so I cook my greens and have altered my kale cube recipe accordingly. Oh but light a candle or make some ghee too or something, my husband thinks these smell like a “giant fart” when I make them – hah, great selling point isn’t it, but seriously worth it for the creamy, awesome smoothie they make! ENJOY :)

Prep time: 5 minutes     Cook time: about 10 minutes
4 c kale or greens of your choice
2 tbl ghee (we make ours, smells much better than making these :)
2 c water (I use alkaline, at least 8.0)
olive oil to taste
sea salt to taste

Warm ghee in sauce pain on medium heat, add in kale (or the superfood greens of your choice), add in sea salt, cover and let cook for a minute or so. Add some olive oil and stir until all greens have been cooked down. Pour greens into a food processor, add 2 c water and blend. Pour blended mixture into empty ice cube tray and freeze. Use about 3-4 frozen cubes in each smoothie with some frozen berries, a banana and/or avocado if its a superfood for you, almond milk (or your superfood protein milk) and cinnamon, walnuts, and flaxseed for a great protein packed smoothie! No worries about over eating uncooked greens plus the added ghee protein is neutral and occasionally beneficial for all blood types. Add the berries, nuts, and spices that are listed as your superfoods and you will have the ultimate power drink for your genotype. Don’t know your genotype? Call or text Jessie at 520-603-8823 to schedule your personalized nutrition plan today.