Energy medicine is like an umbrella term for various holistic treatments that align your body’s energetic systems to promote self-healing. If you’ve heard of acupuncture or Reiki, then you have heard of some forms of energy medicine. There are numerous ways to use the body’s energetic systems to improve your quality of life by decreasing stress and boosting immunity. How do these healing and powerful energetic systems transform your life?

Our body’s energy systems have been studied by many cultures long before modern, Western medicine was in place. With the advancements of modern medicine, our society not only negated the amazing healing properties within our own body but fought to systematically eradicate holistic treatments. Only recently have we rediscovered the benefits of these holistic medical options and realized how they are a compliment to the medical field in numerous ways. When our energetic systems are aligned, we can improve our health and decrease pain. There are nine primary energy systems in our body according to Donna Eden. She refers to these energetic systems as the meridians, chakras, aura, radiant circuits, triple warmer, Celtic weave, five rhythms, electrics, and our basic grid. This blog will focus on the meridians, chakras, and five rhythms.

The meridians are like highways for energy to travel along our body. There are 14 primary meridians. Essentially, if the energetic ‘highway’ is open, energy can freely flow in the direction it’s meant to. However, if there is construction along the highway, it can lead to pain and discomfort. Our meridians help bring energy to our body’s organs and muscles. Their energies like to flow near the surface of our skin. When out of balance or too low on energy, they can possess blockages and they can become ‘sunk’ or less vibrant. In this case, they may not flow as near the surface of the skin as they prefer. When this occurs, exercises like tracing the meridians and using various acupressure points related to our meridians can help clear stagnant energies and blockages. If you do not know how to trace your meridians or do not want to trace them, I recommend yoga or light stretching. Your energy loves to move and flow for you – so figure out what movements feel right for you and stretch your body, providing your meridian energy the space it needs to flow.

Energy also flows via our chakras. We have seven chakras that swirl from our pelvis to the crown of our head. These swirling energetic patterns each help govern our hormones and can tell us a great deal about our energetic life. Each chakra has seven layers and each layer contains information about our life. When we clear our chakras, we can balance our hormones and fuel the organs in the proximity of each chakra. Profound healing can occur with chakra clearing – the foundation of Reiki. Chakras have been associated with colors, astrological signs and even musical notes. In an individual energy medicine session, you can have your chakras tested and cleared. Clients have reported feeling very light and refreshed with this rejuvenating experience.

I am a Libra and I thrive on balance and harmony. I incorporate this into my energy practice by asking your energetic systems if your elements are in harmony. The five rhythms (or elements) are based in ancient Chinese medicine. The metaphor is that we possess five elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Their cycle or rhythm influence other energy systems, particularly the meridians associated with each element. Understanding the nature and flow of the element cycle can help us understand our emotions and behaviors, and help us understand our energetic personality. For example, like a stream wanders and makes its path, the water element takes its time flowing and finding the philosophical aspect in situations. In balance, water can provide hope and positive beliefs. When out of balance, fear can be prevalent. The two meridians associated with water are bladder and kidney.

The wood element is strong and eager to try new things. Wood energy is assertive, confident, fearless, and efficient. Woods make ideas happen, they are motivated and accomplish great things. They are also passionate for justice and accountability. However, when out of balance, wood is easily angered. The meridians associated with the wood element are gallbladder and liver.

Fire is like the spark that ignites joy in our life. In balance, fire is inspiring, exciting and full of love. When the fire element is out of balance panic, hysteria, and burn out are evident. They are the life of the party, until they feel the party is boring and they tend to move on to the next thing that brings them excitement or joy. The fire element is related to four meridians: small intestine, triple warmer (or triple heater), heart, and circulation sex.

The earth element is compassionate, caring, and altruistic. When out of balance, the earth element is consumed with worry – it has a yearning to comfort and take care of others while ignoring their need to receive self-care. The constant worry that comes when earth is out of balance can drive an earth to become too involved with other people’s situations because they can be consumed with worry for their well-being. The meridians associated with the earth element are stomach and spleen.

The metal element symbolizes an ending. The metal element is sleek and streamlined. Metal strives for excellence and integrity. A metal is often very spiritual, seeing the greater meaning of life events. They might seem cold or aloof but rather, they are looking for a higher level of consciousness, rising above the trivial day to day aspects of life. When out of balance, the metal element can be consumed with extreme grief. The meridians associated with the metal element are large intestine and lung.

Each of us possess all of these elements to an extent. The nature of how the elements appear in our life can change with the seasons. It is also thought that we have a dominant element. Testing our dominant element is fun and a helpful tool for understanding more about the emotional responses we are inclined to have in stressful situations. Exceptional understanding of the elements can be found by learning more from Donna’s daughter, Dondi Dahlin, and her upcoming book The Five Elements.

What do your meridians, chakras, and elements have in common? They love alignment. When you are in energetic alignment, you shine. You exude joy and radiance beyond just being ‘happy’. There is a contagious aspect to your positive energy. You feel different and the experience can be life changing.

As a client of energy medicine, I was always amazed at how wonderful I felt after experiencing alignment. I began to use the principles of energy medicine with my family and the benefits have been endless. Over the years it became apparent that I am able to ‘talk’ to energy. Unlike Donna Eden who can literally see the energetic systems, I am able to feel them. During sessions with clients, I often experience visions unique to the client. The visions are the way the client’s energy guides me to their energy system that needs support to align and thrive.

During my nearly decade journey with energy medicine, I have learned that it is by no means a panacea for life. The most profound lesson I’ve learned that life will always bring waves, we just need to learn how to surf. Energy medicine is the surf board. With energetic alignment, we can handle the waves and admire their beauty and the lessons we are meant to learn from them. When we are able to accomplish this, we can ride the waves of live with grace and peace, living in the moment – even if that moment is literally crashing us down. We not only survive, but when we align, we shine. Contact HealingLux if you are interested in experiencing first hand how energy medicine can help you ride your life’s waves.